We are a Vision Manifestation Ministry mandated to :

Reclaim Identity
Restore Vision
Redeem Destiny

Who We Are

The Queens Dream Team

"Strengthen a Mom, Save a Family"

Humble Beginnings

Picture Order (standing from left to right):
Yolanda Mason  ~   Mary Smith ~ Venita Reynolds  ~  Bre Joiner  ~  Leslie Ephraim


​Donna Herrera ~ Michelle Clyburn


  Have a
    day with
     crystal clear,
         confidence in who you are,
            and whose you are.
Be great!!
Queens get it done.

The storms of tragedy, trauma, and sudden, abrupt turbulent events can leave one teetering, off balance and re~evaluating everything. Suffering chronic pain from a severe life altering injury and through many sleepless nights, Venita Burleson-Reynolds  founded "Reclaimed Queens in Blue Jeans Ministry".  Through her adversities she has inspired  and equipped women to take every experience, the beautiful and brutal as well, and use it as a launching pad to greatness. 

Venita's uniquely empowering written posts, and the ministry's compelling vision has attracted a loyal following of nearly 2,000. online followers, and "Sold Out" Reclaimed Queens in Blue Jeans Ministry events locally. 

God's grace has allowed her gift of empowerment, encouragement and exhortation to bless many personally and professionally.

Venita has been active in ministry for over 40 years, serving as Director of Heirborn Young  Adult Ministry, Director  of Sunday School, and an Elder.  Her compelling, transformative teaching, and mentoring gift, is second only to her great love for God and others.

A lifelong "cheerleader", and caregiver, a dearly loved and well regarded nurse for over 39 years to primarily children with chronic, catastrophic illnesses, and  injuries. Co- Founder of Reynolds Family Reign Foundation.  Venita is Cultural Arts Commissioner for the City of Pomona, CA.  She was formerly the Health Committee Chair for Pomona Valley

Children and Family Collaborative, Advisory Board to the CA Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).

Venita is the widow of Pastor Cedric Reynolds, and current Servant Leader of CentrePoint Christian Fellowship, a mother, grandmother of one, and two grand puppies. 

The ministry's mandate is two fold:

1. To instruct, inspire, and ignite women to positively influence and impact their families and communities, so that they are empowered and strong enough to reach back to empower others. 

2. To provide strategic evidence based practices to educate and empower at risk vulnerable Mothers to

"Strengthen A Mom, Save A Family" is more critically needed now than ever.