MEN 2.0

Book written by our Sister Queen Venita~  Reclaim "Jewels From The Queen's Crown" 
is hard won wisdom gems written by our Sister Queen in her unmistakably unique, powerful, and practical style. Thousands of her online fans read her daily inspirational posts, and have been hankering to have more.....Here it is Queens...... just for you!

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We are so........excited to present : MEN 2.0
featuring our guest host the incomparable
Relationship Coach David Burrus Global

This Workshop with an All Kings Panel is for everyone desiring to have “A Mighty Love”.
Single, Divorced, Married, Separated.....
Relationship Heaven or Hell 

This workshop is jammed packed, real talk, with real life solutions.  
There will be a Couples Coffee House, 
and Singles Mingle after the 
Tickets available: 1/15/2020
Limited Seating
20.00 pp
35.00 per cpl

Upcoming Event

Your donations provide an anchor of hope,
resources and stability to many adrift vulnerable at-risk mothers, and secures
a safer, brighter future for their children.

"Strengthen A Mom, Save A Family"

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Why It Matters 

We know that women are life givers and life savers. When women are strengthened, walking powerfully in
purpose, we are able to breathe life into our families and communities.

What We Do


We intentionally, strategically, and authentically hand women the keys
to unlock the treasure chest within. We achieve this through world class
instruction, professional coaching and accountability partnerships.

Tickets will go on sell:
January 15, 2019

Reclaimed Queens Events always sell out early. Don’t sleep on this Destiny Acceleration Event!

Who We Are

We are a company of Queens walking  confidently in the magnitude
of who we are, and the magnificence of what we were created to do, with a mandate to be a bridge, and a catalyst of greatness for other Queens.